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Hymns of Praise. The hymns below are here for your enjoyment and as an aid to worship. They also have the lyrics for your singing pleasure. My hope is that you will listen and grow closer to God. The hymns and psalm tunes posted at this site are in the public domain so you can download and enjoy any of the music here. Stay, listen, worship!

The music in these recordings grows out of the prayer and life experiences of the brothers at Weston Priory. The words of the songs are sometimes significant passages from scripture, sometimes poetic expressions of life situations, set to music by the brothers. The entire community contributes to the production of this music.

Over the weekend he noted a post by Chuck McKnight over at Hippie Heretic: “Top 25 Hymns of Progressive Christians.” Then, Jonathan asked his readers, from a more diverse theological and ecclesiastical background, to share some of theirs.

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The instrumental parts are provided with the melody only while the piano part is provided with the full, original hymn voicings. Also found below will be a MusicXML file and a.MUS file that can be imported into many different music notation programs including the freely available MuseScore program.

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Christian hymns and spiritual songs with wonderful truths and music.} Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dear, It is not night if Thou be near; Oh, may no earthborn cloud arise To hide Thee from Thy servant’s…

by Ben Johnson. The fanciful nature of Caedmon’s inspiration for the Hymn has led many historians to doubt the authenticity of Bede’s story. The traditional Anglo-Saxon poetry reserved for the worship of monarchs has also been adapted from the original ‘ rices weard’ (keeper of the kingdom) to ‘ heofonrices weard’ (keeper of the kingdom of heaven).

All Things Bright and Beautiful. The purple-headed mountains, The river running by, The sunset and the morning That brightens up the sky. The cold wind in the winter, The pleasant summer sun, The ripe fruits in the garden, He made them every one. The tall trees in the greenwood, The meadows where we play, The rushes by the water, To gather every day.

Words: Henry F. Lyte, 1847. Music: ’Eventide’ William H. Monk, 1861. Setting: William H. Monk, 1861. copyright: public domain. This score is a part of the Open Hymnal Project, 2008 Revision. = 100 1. A bide with me; fast falls the ev en tide; The dark ness 2. Swift to its close ebbs out life’s lit tle day; Earth’s joys grow 3.

O monk, with your memories. of Italy’s proud past. upon the Capitol. For his treason against Rome’s true roots, the monk dreams, he is impaled. E voi, che il rabido. Rogo non strusse, Voci fatidiche, Wicleff ed Husse, And you whom the raging. pyre could not destroy, voices of.

The tune chosen for this hymn is by George Monk who died at the age of 81 in 1900. A Somerset lad he achieved high office becoming the organist at York Minster in 1859 where he then served for 25 years. He retired to Oxfordshire. I am sure any composer would be proud to claim this rousing and dignified tune that fits the text so well.

However, one thing lacking was a central source where these 12 might be heard. So began the task of bringing free, downloadable audios of these hymns to one central location, on the Catholic Chant website. It is true that Gregorian chant audio recordings abound, including for the 12 hymns listed.

Abide with Me. Hymn lists. by book of Bible. Henry Francis Lyte (1793-1847) was an Anglican clergyman who served nearly half his life as vicar of a church at Brixham, a fishing village in Devonshire, on the southwest coast of England (he died at.

This hymn of thanksgiving, which is particularly appropriate for Harvest celebrations, was written by English schoolmaster, poet and hymn-writer Folliot Sandford Pierpont (1835-1917).It was first published in 1864 in the poetry book "The Sacrifice of Praise". With meter, tunes it is set to include: DIX, arranged from Conrad Kocher (1838) by William H Monk (1823-1889)- most commonly.

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