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Calamus Root. I have been treating a young man with Down Syndrome mostly with acupuncture over the course of years. a profound effect in relieving, to a degree, some of the psycho-physiological and spiritual limitations these individuals.

22 Nov 2010. How to Use Herbs, Roots, and Minerals in Magic Spells. by Dr Darius. Controlling. Calamus Root chips (control a situation or dominate a person). PSYCHIC VISION (enhance spiritual insight and induce prophetic dreams).

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Products »Balance »Spiritual Health »Exodus II Essential Oil. Cinnamomum cassia* (Cassia) leaf oil, Cinnamomum zeylanicum* (Cinnamon) bark oil, Acorus calamus* (Calamus) root extract, Picea mariana* (Northern Lights Black spruce).

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Many studies of Walt Whitman's "Calamus" poems have explored the meaning of the calamus root. In "'Calamus': The Leaf and the Root," one of the most systematic investigations of this subject, James E. Miller argues that the root represents.

The ancient way of identifying spiritual diseases was based upon the observation that the sudden emergence of. use anti-epilepsy medicines internally, such as the powders of Vacha rhizome (acorus / Acorus calamus), Brahmi leaf/root (gotu.

In Ayurvedic medicine, Acorus calamus is called Vacha, and revered for its ability to transmute Kundalini energy, rejuvenate the brain and. reserved for materials that promote spiritual enlightenment and longevity, and are considered safe to consume on a daily basis. In addition, the root often exhibits 9 sections–a number related to the Fire element and the Heart in traditional Chinese numerology.

Historically, it was used for a natural remedy to support healthy immunity; and provide a sense of spiritual calmness. My favorite oil blend that. Yes, the blend included Myrrh, Cassia, Cinnamon, Calamus and olive oil! What are the Plant.

The word designates an Oriental plant called the "sweet flag," the Acorus calamus of Linnaeus. The root has a pungent, aromatic taste, and is used in medicine as a stomachic; the leaves have an aromatic odor, and were formerly used instead of rushes. sense of the spiritual law and writing it on the tablets of hearts, O.

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Faerie Roots. The first call to 'radical faeries' was made in the late 1970s by veterans of the gay liberation movement including Harry. Called 'spiritual conferences', and held in the desert in the southwestern United States, the first faerie gatherings had as their aims:. To experience the groundedness of the calamus root;

The Calamus root "Vacha" has a strong and aromatic flavour. Used in the right proportions, it can be used in tea, for balancing Kapha. Organic quality!

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7 Jan 2013. For centuries, Vacha (also known as Calamus and Sweet Flag) has been among the most revered herbs of traditional Chinese medicine and of Ayurveda, and has been one of the most renowned herbs used for mental and.

F&F Botanica Spiritual Supply of New Orleans, Louisiana, offers an extensive selection of spiritual bath, incense, oil, and soaps as. Blue Cohosh- similar to Black Cohosh root- 2 oz. Calamus- one of the best roots for Victory, Success- 2 oz.

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This tough little succulent plant has a long history of use by the Tibetan monks as a spiritual food, and they rely on it to. Calamus Root. Calamus and I go way back, having been my main plant ally since I was a teenager. It's a medicinal root.

18 Jun 2018. The calamus plant originally comes from the Native American Indians. They utilize the calamus root as energy and spiritual tools. Besides that, calamus root was also utilized by the ancient Egyptian as an aphrodisiac- a love.

30 Aug 2014. Ayurveda has a 5000-year-old history as India's traditional medical system and was the root for most of the world's healing modalities. Diet. For vata: sesame oil, ghee, or vacha (calamus) oil. For pitta: brahmi. To that end, it is asked that this meditation include some form of prayer or spiritual self-inquiry.

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